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Co-Sail Petroleum?Situation

History:Co-sail Petroleum formerly is known as Co-sail Group (founded in 1997) .The Group has earned trust of the public by its impressive achievements in the areas of scientific research and technical services in the past almost 20 years.

CosailPetroleum:Cosail?is?comitted?to?provideintegration?services?for?the?exploration?anddevelopment?of?oil?and?gas,development?&?promotion?of?software?and?product?for?exploration?and?development,?technology?promotion?forcloud?computing?with?big?data??and?other emerging?information?,?fracture?monitoring?engineering?services.?Cosail?has?the?hightechenterprise?qualification?and?180?trillion times?of?high?performance?computing?cluster?equipment.

List: In 2012, the Group took a step to integrate its main business. Co-sail Petroleum has been successfully listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) On 8 August 2013, Stock code: 430284.



CPTSA members visit to ADNOC (AbDhabi National Oil Co.)

Co-Sail Petroleum Overview


Co-Sail Petroleum’s office is located in Zhongguancun Software Park (National Software Park).

Office area is more than 2000 square meters with a modern professional computer room.



Co-Sail Petroleum has nearly one hundred of employees, PhD and master degree: >40%, Medium & Senior titles: >50%. Professional background includes: ?Geophysics, Geology, Well Logging, Reservoir Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Computer Software, Economic and Trade, etc.

Computing Equipment

Co-Sail Petroleum has a large number of high performance computing equipment. Including: 180 teraflops of High-performance PC-Cluster(including 4000-core CPU & 40000-core GPU), eight mainframe servers, more than forty workstations, 500TB high-speed disk array, perfectly-functional peripheral devices.


Enterprise Qualification

Co-sail tech and Co-sail soft both have gained high-tech enterprise certification by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission & Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park.

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